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aka: Junk I need to get rid of!

All vehicles near Salem, Oregon.
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1961 Corvair Lakewood Stationwagon. New floor, needs a bit of work. Mostly complete though.
I would like to get $1000 out of it. I will listen to any offer.

1963 Chrysler Newport. I bought this one right out of high school. My first car. Last thing I do before the new owner can take her from here is to remove the tassels. I put them there the day I got the car, and the day I graduated college.
It's all complete. I have a spare driver's door (rust in the one on the car), a spare drivers side rear door, the original engine and transmission (it has another engine and transmission in it out of another '63 Newport). I have a spare dash gauge set, a spare (blue) dash, extra hub caps and some extra parts I still have to get out of the barn.
A lot of memories in this car, I don't want to part with it but I realize I will never get it back together and I would hate to see it just rust away.
Again, $1000 or make me an offer.

Tires are not on the car, it had the wrong ones on it and I sold the car those went to. I will put the correct (factory) wheels back on it soon.

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Parts Vehicles (Ask about parts you may be interested in)
1966 GMC Truck Parts

1960/61 Chevrolet Pickup Bumper

1963-1966 Chevrolet/GMC Bumper

I recently got rid of my Pinto, so the spare parts I have in the barn are available.

I have a front door off a 1978 Pinto. Complete, with all knobs, handles, glass ... ... $75

I have both front doors and the hatch off a 1980 Mercury Bobcat (same as pinto)
Solid but missing handles. Does have the glass and mechanisms ... ... $50 each or make me a deal

I have the rear bumper, with trailer hitch, off the 1980 Mercury Bobcat ... ... $50

I have a Front Bumper off a 1976 Pontiac Grand Prix ... ... $50

I am selling all these because I have way more projects than I have time and money. Plus I expect the city to start giving me grief about all of these vehicles. I am willing to entertain any reasonable offer on any of the vehicles. Prices are as of this time. If I do any work on these vehicles, the prices would go higher since I would have more invested in them. Vehicle will be cleaned out and if you ask we will even wash it before you pick it up.

Parts and parts_vehicles are priced at what we can negotiate between us.

If interested, Email me at: David "Doc" Leifheit's email

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