Apache Travel Trailer
Axle Information

These pictures are from a 1974 Apache Hawk, canvas sided travel trailer.  The trailer had gotten a large hole in the roof due to a tree branch, and was kind of forgotten about by the family.  Thus the manuals inside were a bit damaged.  The Owners Manual is one solid piece of paper.  The cover is quite clear, but the pages are stuck permanently together.  The Axle Manual did not glue itself together, and it has been scanned in, in B&W for clarity, and those scans are below.  Also with the Axle manual was 3 letters.  One has the lubricating and adjusting instructions for the wheel bearings, one lists parts warehouses and one lists service centers.  Keep in mind these are mildewed, so they may not be as clear as even I would like.

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Fayette Axle Manual, cover Axle Manual, page 1 Axle Manual, page 2 Axle Manual, page 3 Axle Manual, page 4 Axle Manual, page 5 Axle Manual, page 6 Axle Manual, page 7 Axle Manual, page 8 Axle Manual, page 9 Fayette Axles Service Centers, front side Fayette Axles Service Centers, back side Fayette Axles Parts Warehouses, front side Fayette Axles Parts Warehouses, backside Axle Bearings - Lubrication and Adjustment

On the page for the Bearing lubrication and adjustment, there is a "black" area in the main text, at the edge (notice that in the above picture).  This is from the paperclip that held these pages in the axle booklet.  If in color, you would see it is rust.

When I have more time, I will put up pictures of what this pop-up looks like, water damage and all.  My plans were to use it as parts, but I may now restore it (at a later time).  My Apache Royal has to be repaired first.

Got an old Apache?  I might be interested.

David 'Doc' Leifheit

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