Oregon Coast Aquarium Trip

August 26, 2000

This trip consisted of our family: David, Michelle, Dwayne and Sandra; Our friends family: BJ, JT and Jessica; and Michelle's mother, Jean.

We stopped at our favorite picnic area, Gleneden Beach, for a light lunch of Tunafish sandwiches, potato chips, beverages and fresh ocean air.  (The ocean is actually behind the photographer)
Photo of Jean,Michelle, BJ, DwayneFrom the left, Jean, BJ (back to camera) Michelle, Jessica and Dwayne.  You can see we pack lightly... the cooler held mostly canned pop.  After a relaxing lunch, we piled back into the van and headed further south on the coast to the aquarium.

On the bottom of the brochure is a map showing that the aquarium is just over the bridge at Newport.  It is a nice scenic drive down the coast through many small towns.  The background for this page is the same brochure.

 Oregon Coast Aquarium WebSite

Once at the aquarium, a map is helpful to use when getting around.


This is the map they have available at the door.  Really a nice layout, lots of walking but lots to see.  We usually head straight for the new Passages of the Deep display they have.  But first you have to go past the Sea Otters and the Seal and Sea Lions Tanks.

Sea Otters at playSea Otter eatingThe first picture is of the sea otters playing in the lid of a rubbermaid type container, the lid is full of ice.  Kind of a treat for the otters.  The second is of a sea otter eating.  We were fortunate enough to be there at feeding time and got to watch the otters be fed and eat.  I was not quick enough with the camera though, I missed the shot of one of the otters taking food out of one of the hand of one of the feeders.

Daughter in front of veiwing windowSeals and Sea Lions (and mother-in-law)The First picture here is of my daughter, Sandra, in front of one of the veiwing windows.  These are thick glass/plexiglass/acrylic windows below the water level of the tanks.  Most of the tanks have windows above and below the water line.  The second picture has my mother-in-law, Jean, looking at the seals as they swim by.

Then its time to go to the Passages of the Deep exhibit.  Used to be the tank that Keiko, the "famous killer whale from Free Willy", was in.  The aquarium has taken the tank and divided it into 3 sections to showcase 3 different environments that one would typically find in the oceans around Oregon.  Through the middle of this they have put a tube, the top and sides of the tube are 3.5" Acrylic and the floor has veiwing windows in it that are 5" Plexiglass covered with .5" tempered glass.  Total Imersion in the experience, diving without getting wet.

Passages of teh Deep Guide

After going through the Passages of the Deep we then typically wander through the Aviary, then through the main building.  There are lots of exhibits to see and these photos don't even touch the tip of what there is.
Sea Birds and PuffinsSea Birds, PuffinsPlastic Jellyfish DisplayJelly Fish

Unfortunately, all good things must end and we have to return home.

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