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Camping Support Vehicle.  This is a 1961 3/4 ton GMC that has a 8 foot wide by 9 foot deep flat bed on it.  It has 3 foot high headboard and stake sides with 2 hinged gates at the back.  This truck hauls all the "heavy" stuff.  Our firewood, lawn chairs (8), tools, food, ice chests (9), tent poles, dogs (2) and anything else we can think of.  Fortunately we camp locally so we can afford to fuel this truck!

1979 Apache PopUpOur "headquarters".  A 1979 Apache Pop-Up trailer.  We purchased this used and in great shape at a garage sale.  When we first bought it, we actually used it for camping.  We slept, ate, cooked and did dishes in it.  Now all we use it for is to sleep in and as a kind of headquarters for our camping trips.  We no longer camp with just the immediate family, now we camp in a large group and so this camper is a bit small now.

Canvas Dining CanopyOur dining room.  This is the second dining canopy we bought.  The first was bought brand new, a small 9x9 canopy with 6' legs (which means that a 6' tall person will still have to duck when going under the canopy).  This replaced that canopy.  This is a canvas screen room.  11x11 with the sides a bit taller than 6' (I don't have to duck as much to get in it).  We bought this at a garage sale for about $20.  I had to make the poles for it as the poles that came with it were not the right ones, but a little electrical conduit and a bit of thought and it works great.

Coming Soon!

The year 2000 camping trip, provided the camera doesn't malfunction again.  Last year the shutter stuck and I wasted three rolls of film...  At least the developer didn't charge me for the developing!

It's Here!
The camera worked, I got the pictures.  Read below to see what equipment we normally take as well as what we were expecting, and follow this link to see what actually was taken and how it was setup.  Info and narration to follow as soon as I find someone to do it (I am NOT an author!)
 August 2000 Camping Trip

This year, there shouldbe plenty to take pictures of as we once again invade our favorite camping ground.
Equipment usually includes:
3 - vehicles : 1991 Aerostar van that pulls the Pop-up trailer and carries the kids
                    1986 Buick that carries some clothes and people
                    1961 GMC truck that carries everything else
1 - Pop-up Trailer
2 - 2 room tents : 1 is 9x13, brand new
                            1 is 10x15, several years old but still keeps the weather out
1 - Canvas Tent, first tent we bought.  Great buy and a durable tent.  Lots of holes but still watertight.
2 - dome tents, these are little 2 man tents.  One for each of the 10 year olds....
2 - Screen Dining canopies.  Both are 11x11, one is the canvas one, the other we just bought, used, this year.
1 - Dining canopy, this is basically just a tarp with 4 poles.  The first one we bought.  We cover the kitchen with it.
        Kitchen : Barbequer, 2 burner coleman stove and a large folding table (3x7)
                       Approx. 12 old school cafeteria plates
                       a dozen or so cast iron pans and a cast iron griddle
                       2 large stock pots, for cooking and for doing dishes.
1 - Sun Canopy.  This one is a mesh, designed to let light and some sun through, but still provide a bit of shade as well.

There should be the normal compliment of crazies as well, 4 adults, 2 teenagers, 2 children and 2 dogs.  Although last year there were supposed to be more people joining us... so we have no definate ideas this year.

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