August 2001 Camping Trip
US Forest Service Campground
Detroit Ranger District
Riverside Campground

Like last year, we used these vehicles:

A 1961 GMC 3/4 ton Flatbed, a 1991 Ford Aerostar Van and a 1976 Honda CB-750 Motorcycle.  The truck hauled all the tents, food, equipment, dogs and miscellaneous supplies.  The van pulled the trailer and hauled some bedding and personnel.  The motorcycle was the transportation for other personnel.

However there was one more vehicle.  I do not have the particulars on it, but it was driven by a friend who joined us for this years invasion.

For now, this is the page I have done.  When I get the pictures back from the developer, I will post them.

The Campsite map.  This illustrates the arrangement of the campsites we chose and the relationship of those sites to the facilities and the river.

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