Central Oregon Trip

October 30 - November 4, 2000
Eagle Crest Resort

This trip was our extended family:
David, Michelle, BJ, Dwayne, JT, Jessica andSandra.

Continuing on our idea to try and stay at all the Worldmark resorts we can, we spent Halloween at Eagle Crest Resort  in Redmond,Oregon.  Central Oregon is a very pretty place to be, lots to see and do.  On the way to Redmond, we passed through Sisters, Oregon, which has many antique and craft stores.  We stopped in and walked through most of the stores on our way home.

While at the resort, we discussed the possibility of trying our luck at one of thier golf courses.  Instead we went miniture golfing at the Sun Mountain Fun Center in Bend, Oregon.  If it was any indication of how we would have done on a "real" course, we made the right choice (lets just say Tiger Woods has NOTHING to fear from us)!  Most of the family went horseback riding, I preferred to stay in the condo and study the inside of my eyelids.

The ladies went horseback riding alone, while the kids were all at the pool.  I chose to spend the time studying the inside of my eyelids again.
 We took a trip to the Lava Cast Forest, but when I got out of the van my camera followed me and bounced off the ground.  It appears to have jammed the mechanism so I was unable to take any pictures.  It was beautiful though.  The Lava Lands visitor center was closed for the winter, as was the Lava River Caves.  From what I read, they had just closed a couple days before we got there.  Bad timing for us.

Lucky for us, the High Desert Museum is open all year, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., except Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day.  We decided that for the price of tickets, it would make more sense to become members and "join" the museum.  As often as our membership to the aquarium has benefitted us, this may well be as much fun, with us taking the time to visit back there more often.  I took almost two full rolls of film in the museum, but lack of light and "standard" lens on the camera made for some less than fantastic pictures.  I did not use flash for most of my photography, since they ask you not to.  I beleive this is more for the animal exhibits (they are live, wild animals) but from previous experience at museums, having been told that the flash can fade some items, I decided to not use flash unless it was completely nescessary.

I took a few photographs of the condominium we stayed at, but I do not like the way any of them turned out.  So, all I can offer is this picture of the sign at the entrance to Eagle Crest

I can also offer some pictures of the visitors we had while we were at the condo, these guys were at the back porch.

As all things must, this trip came to an end.  But on such a beautiful day!  The sky was clear, it was reasonably warm and we didn't really want to go home!

One of the most beautiful sights on the way home


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