Oregon Coast Trip

November 14-17, 2000
Gleneden Beach, Trendwest Resort


This trip was our extended family:David, Michelle, BJ, Dwayne, JT, Jessica and Sandra.

A couple years ago we were "invited" to attend a sales presentation about Trendwest Resorts.  We decided that while we liked what we saw, we did not have the financial means to join at that time.  The salesman offered us a package they had that was basically a trial membership.  For a low fee we could stay at any resort, during the slow time, and could sample the benefits of being a member.  We were given two trips that we could take, but we had a year to take them in.  Well, time was not on our side so we almost lost the money for the trial membership because we just could not get a trip coordinated amongst all of us.  Finally though we did, and we took the smaller trip package at thier Depoe Bay resort.  While there they offered us one last chance to sign up, telling us they would not ask again if we refused.  Then they made us a real good offer... so we decided to take it.

We also found out that as long as we booked the second trip before the year was up, we would not lose it.  We ended up taking that trip at the Running Y ranch in Klamath Falls, Oregon.  There we had options of horse-back riding, golf, and local site seeing.  A lot of fun.

We ended up letting our credits in the company accumulate, to the point were we have two years worth saved up... and are going to lose one years worth if we don't use them by the anniversary date.  So we decided to try thier Gleneden Beach, Oregon resort.  We had a wonderful time.

These pictures are really representative of our beaches.  A lot of sand and quiet beauty.  The only noises are of the ocean and the birds.  In the summer of course there is also the sounds of families, but during the fall/winter it is very peaceful.  In the last picture above, BJ and her son JT take a walk... or are they escaping from the little girls???

  From the pool area there is a nice, quiet bench on the level above the beach.  From this bench I took this picture after we had returned from walking on the beach.

 These two pictures were taken from the same bench, just later on toward night.  It was a beautiful sunset and the photographs just do not do it justice.

  The view of the resort from the beach.  To the right of this buildijng is the pool and spa area.  To the right of that is the other "wing" of the building.  It is "U" shaped with the ends of the U pointing toward the ocean.  We were more toward the front in the other building.

Video Games!?!?!?!?!? Ah!  No Children...  How Relaxing!!! Someone's in the kitchen with...

The inside of the unit.  It is a 3-bedroom condominium style unit.  More like an apartment if you ask me!  First picture is my son, Dwayne, doing what he enjoys most, playing video games.  On the left side of the hallway is the bathroom, a bedroom with queen-size bed (for the two girls) and the washer/dryer closet.  The end of the hall is the other bedroom, with two single beds (for the boys).  To the right is another doorway into the master bedroom.

The second picture show how much space the living room has.  It comes with a couch, love seat, gas fireplace, TV & VCR, stereo... and the doors on the right side are for the Murphy Bed (BJ slept on the murphy bed, thats her on the couch BTW...)

Last picture is the kitchen area.  The unit comes equipped with most all appliances, dishware for 12, pots, pans, etc.  Michelle is at the stove, JT is looking at what Sandra is doing in the sink and Jessica is trying hard to not be in the picture!

Next trip?  Who knows where... Maybe Eastern Oregon this time...


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