Our Home
(Please pardon the mess...)

The last tree is close to the corner of the property (far left end of picture).
There is a fence which surrounds the property.  Along the front it is actually in front of the smaller trees, there is a 14' wide gate in the fence next to the telephone pole, and the nearest corner of the fence is behind the leftmost large tree.  The fence then runs behind the large trees, turns a corner again and lines up with the front corner of the house (seen at the right of the picture).

Here is the entire front of the house.  The roof at the left is at the end of the house, that is the frontmost bedroom.  Behind the spindly tree is the living room.  Can't see it, but there is a 6' high by 10' wide window in the livingroom.  In the dark area, there is the front door and dining room window.  Behind the trees along the driveway is the kitchen window.  In the front yard is a friend's Buick, in the driveway is David's '63 GMC truck, our friend Pat's boat and David's '63 Chrysler.

The white fence is the boundary between our house and the neighbors.  The property marker is at the base of the telephone pole, buried in the bush.  On each side of the driveway is a ditch, hard to tell in these pictures.

Moving across the street and into the driveway, you can see the disaster that David needs to get cleaned up!...
On the '63 GMC is a 1969 Chevrolet, owned by our friend Pat (who owns the boat as well).   Behind the truck is Michelle's office, where she does her sewing.  The gates in front of the car lead into the back yard.

Moving up the driveway, you can get a glimpse of the livingroom windows, the brickwork around the front entrance to the house, the barbequer sitting in the front yard, and the junk David needs to get cleaned up!!

Moving further up the driveway, we get to the front walk.  There is the kitchen window, the diningroom window and the alcove where the front door is.  And an old chair for those who wish to sit on the front porch and watch the traffic drive by.

Lastly, the front door.  Just happens that the storm door is closed and the house door is open.  You can see the brickwork around the front walk, the concrete steps and the colonial style lanterns.

Thats the home tour so far....