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2008 - 06 - 20
Todays Rant: The Statesman Journal

I have subscribed to the Statesman for years. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 22 years I believe. In all that time I have had a couple missed or lost papers. A few complaints, but all were resolved quickly. Today was a different story. I got up late. Wife got up late. Past 10:00, we actually got a good night's sleep. I go to get my paper, and it isn't on my front porch. I check out front, look all around, and no paper.
So I call the Statesman, I navigate thier maze of phone messages and don't get the option to get it redelivered today. I am not happy, so I go online. I get through thier maze there and ask for redelivery and it won't allow that. It is past the redelivery deadline. What? There is no deadline I know of...
So the wife calls them. Gets shuttled from one person to another. What do we learn?
*Redelivery is only available from 5:30-9:30 for same day
*They can print another copy of todays paper and deliver it tomorrow
*They can not contact the carrier to see if he has an extra paper
     *They do not have the contact information
     *They are not allowed to contact the carrier
     *Only the District Manager can contact the carrier
     *They won't let you talk to the District Manager
     *They will "message" the District Manager, but no guarantees
In short, if you don't get your paper, and you don't realize it before 9:30 AM (like maybe you work nights and aren't up before then) there is no way short of buying one at the store that you can get todays paper today.

Both my current wife and previous wife delivered papers. There were no deadlines about redelivery. They got called when a delivery was missed and they had to make it up. It didn't happen often, but papers do go missing. Once or twice they ended up with an extra paper or two. The Statesman used to ship out an extra paper or two as "just in case" or to give to someone who didn't subscribe to try to get a subscriber. But you were never sure if the extras were because of that or did you miss someone. But if a call came in, you would be able to rush out and replace the paper. Not any more it seems. Now the carrier seems to be completely independent of that problem. The Statesman *claims* they have an extra crew which delivers the missed papers (sounds like a lot of extra expense to me, all that driving... unless they have a LOT of missed papers).
What the wife found real interesting is that no one she talked to could tell her when this missed paper deadline started. Nor why it isn't mentioned in the paper or online. You only find out about it if you call and insist on talking to a person and you push the issue. Otherwise, all you are told is that you are past the deadline, just not what the deadline is.

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