Road Trips

Since I seem to like making road trips, and they always end up adventures, some of my friends insist on going on *any* trip I take.  They go for the entertainment value.  It has also been suggested that I put photos of these trips up for others to enjoy.

I don't have any pictures from the trip from Bend to Salem, Oregon hauling a '61 Chevrolet pickup (no engine, transmission or front clip) with a '60 GMC cab in its bed on a U-Haul car trailer.  While not too heavy for the trailer or the tow vehicle, it was poorly balanced, so we ended up coming back at speeds reaching 25 mph!!  Just outside of Salem we blew a tire on the trailer, which forcedus to stop.  The phone calls, at 1:00 AM to U-Haul almost cost them the trailer.  They insisted that they had no trailer with that serial number so they wouldn't send out a truck with a new tire.  They finally realized I was not kidding when I said I would just keep the trailer then, since they claimed it wasn't theirs, and sent out a repair person.  We were able to attain 30-35mph the rest of the trip home.

This is an illustration of the adventures I go on.  Here are links to some of the ones I do have a few pictures of.

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