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BJ Simpson

Thor 1/30/2005 (4/2005)-  My Family Loki 1/30/2005 (4/2005)- (4/2008)

The things that mean the most to me are my children, my cats and my ferrets.

Jessica Gerdes' Webpage (my daughter)

--in memoriam --
Sadly, Scootch left us in June of 2003
Missyfit left us in December of 2004
Duncan left us in August of 2004
Loki passed on (Lymphatic Cancer) April 2008
Jasmine passed on August 30, 2010

Sabrina Left us in March of 2008. Our "Grand Lady" dog.

-- adopted --
Thor joined us in April 2005 (1/30/2005 - 2/22/2012)
Loki joined us in April 2005 (1/30/2005 - 4/2/2008)
Jasmine was a gift, she joined us in 2006 and left us on 8/28/2010

Other Important Things

In addition to family and friends, I value my Motorcycle, It is a Honda 750-4, of the 1976 vintage.  I ride any time I can.  I can usually be found riding in the local 4-th of July parade and have been able to ride in a neighboring towns annual parade as well.

Pictures of Parades & Bike Links

I collect Pokemon figures, mostly of Pikachu.

I also collect Biker Mice From Mars
Action Figures, Pictures, Posters, Night Lights, Coloring Books,
Basically if it deals with Biker Mice, I *want* it!

And I just LOVE Halloween!

 Doc's Home Page
UnOfficial Biker Mice Homepage

If you have anything to say to me,
Go ahead and Say It!

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