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Welcome To Oregon Enterprises UnLimited

In 1979 I graduated High School and went on to college. For one of my college classes I was required to create an imaginary company and perform all my schoolwork as if it were for that company. At that time, Oregon Enterprises was born. Originally it was Oregon Enterprises Limited, which meant limited only by your imagination. But due to the requirements at the corporate division when I registered the company name in 1990, I had to change the name to Oregon Enterprises UnLimited. Which works just as well.

This site is a representation of that company and all it has and hasn't become. It is, however, mostly just a place for me to put family pictures, travelogues, hobbys and other such family stuff on the internet for our extended family to see and be a part of.

So, if you are interested in my family vacations, GMC trucks, Women's Football and assorted other bits and pieces of information. Welcome!

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