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I intend this page to be a representation of our life.  To show the place we live, the people we live with and the pets we love.  I will be puting pictures up here as I get them developed and scanned, and as I get the time to update the page. 

Our Pets:

Sabrina Sabrina
Sabrina  The lady of the place.  She is from the first litter that Sammy (our first dog, an American Staffordshire Terrier) fathered.  There were 4 pups in that litter,  3 of them black, one white/brindle.  The black ones survived, the brindle one didn't.  The other two dogs were adopted by the same person so they wouldn't be lonely.  Originally he only wanted one of them, and we intended to keep two of them, but the one he had got lonely so he asked for one of the other ones.  Sabrina is a half-Am.Staff and half-Black Lab
Sabrina was born in February 1994
Sabrina Passed away: March 15, 2008 at approximately 12:30AM. She is missed.

Lucky Lucky Lucky
Lucky  Lucky is from the second batch of puppies that Sammy fathered.  He was named Lucky for two reasons, one my daughter loved "Lucky" from 101 Dalmations and two, he was the only boy in the litter of 8.  He is not the brightest dog on the property, and he thinks he is a lap dog, but he is a good watch dog.  Nothing seems to escape his attention. Lucky is also a half-Am.Staff and half-Black Lab (same mother as Sabrina)
Lucky was born in the Fall of 1994
Lucky passed away October 17th, 2009 sometime during the night, approx. 2am - 5am

Lady Lady Lady
Lady  Lady was a "free" dog.  I went with a friend to look at a trailer, and while he looked at the trailer the lady asked us if we wanted a dog.  I said no, but she insisted on showing us what she looked like, doesn't hurt to at least see the dog, right?  Well, she brought the dog out and it went straight to me and started nipping at my chin.  A sure sign of affection.  And me being the sucker I am, the dog came home.  She is a Siberian Husky, short hair.  
Lady's Birthday is November 1st, 1999
Lady was laid to rest on December 14th, 2011 (tumor)

Chester Chester Chester
Chester  Chester is one of Sabrina's puppys. We gave Chester to a friend, but the friend couldn't keep him so we got him back. He is a bundle of energy, almost never stops moving. Chester is 3/4 Am.Staff and 1/4 Lab
Born January 19, 1996, he left us unexpectedly on March 31st, 2010

Akasha was only with us a short while, she was full of energy and a great dog to be around. Sadly, she got into traffic and was hurt badly.
February 19, 2008 - February 3, 2010

I recently added 2 puppies to the house. Born February 7th, 2010. Daisy and Doozer. They are half Border Collie and Half Austrailian Shepard. Photos coming as soon as I get around to it.

Fuzzball  A Calico Cat.  Very wierd cat, loves to play and bite, but runs when people approach her.
May 1, 1994 to March 9, 2009

Gray when we first found her, outside Gray,now.  Refuses to be an outside cat anymore.  
Gray  A Gray Cat... was a stray, we took her in since no one else seemed to want her.
Sadly, Gray got injured, and we sadly had her put to sleep.

Also currently residing at the house are 3 other cats,
   Felix (May/June 2001 - ),
   Freckles (April 1998 - ), and
   Halloween (June 2000 - June 11 2012 (Kidney Failure))
AND three Ferrets
   Thor (January 30, 2005-February 22, 2012)&
   Loki (January 30, 2005-April 2, 2008 (cancer))

   and Jasmine (birthdate unknown, left us August 28, 2010)
AND a fishtank with several Ciclids and a Pleco...
Down to one Cichlid as of April 2010.

And for those who are real interested, or bored, here is a short Welcome to our house.  
Walk up to the Front Door