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1963 Chrysler Newport Sedan 1963 Chrysler Newport Sedan (side view) 1963 Chrysler Newport Sedan (interior) 1963 Chrysler Newport Window Sticker 1963 Chrysler owners Manual 1963 Chrysler Owner's Service
1963 Chrysler Newport Sedan.  My first car, bought off original owner's widow.  Came with all paperwork including the original window sticker.  Color is Fawn.  Powered by a 361ci engine, 2bbl carb, push button automatic transmission, power steering, AM radio, 14" tires.  And yes, those are my graduation tassels hanging from the rearview mirror.

Parked next to it is my parent's 1966 Mercury Monterey.  Factory 390, AT, PS, PB... was factory Red but after I rear-ended a parked car (long story) it needed a new front end (guess who dad made do the bodywork?) and a new paint job.

1948 Chrysler Windsor Limo
1948 Chrysler Windsor Limosine, short wheelbase.  Powered by a SPITFIRE inline 6 with the semi-automatic transmission.  My second car and first project car.  Never did get it running as I decided to join the Army and could not find anyone to store it for me.  Parents sold it while I was in Basic Training.  At least I ended up breaking even on the costs...

1973 Datsun 610 Wagon 1973 Datsun 610 Wagon (side view)
1973 Datsun 610 Wagon.  My third car.  I *thought* I needed a more fuel efficient vehicle.  After rebuilding the engine more than once, replacing the transmission, replacing all the front sheetmetal, twice, replacing the brakes way too many times... I really liked the car, but the brakes never did work right.  Finally sold it as a parts car, got it running just so they could drive it home... I understand they did not make it more than a couple blocks from my house before it breathed its last and they had to tow it the rest of the way.

1961 GMC 3/4 ton truck.  My first pickup.  It came with a pickup camper on it, a very rotten pickup camper.
Truck has 305 v6 engine, had a 3-speed but now has a 4-speed manual transmission.

1969 Dodge Monaco
1969 Dodge Monaco.  The first 2-door hardtop I have owned.  Well, okay, the second... but the other one was my wifes so *technically* it wasn't mine.  Hmmm... don't have pictures of her cars....
This Dodge has a 383 v8, Automatic Transmission, Power Steering, Power Brakes, Factory AM radio.  This vehicle was a lot of fun.  Had intermittent brake problems, one minute soft, the next minute peel-your-nose-off-the-window, as well as minor transmission troubles.

1961 GMC
1961 GMC 3/4 ton FlatBed.  When I bought this truck, I thought I was going to look at a 1965 GMC Motorhome chassis.  Apparently this vehicle had been converted to a motorhome back in 1965, and had been retitled as a 1965 at that time by DMV.

1953 Dodge 14500 GVW 1953 Dodge 1953 Dodge 1953 Dodge 1953 Dodge (interior) 1953 Dodge (interior) 1953 Dodge engine 1953 Dodge engine (cracked manifold)
1953 Dodge 14500 GVW truck.  Flathead six engine, 4-speed transmission, 2-speed rear axle, no heater (optional), loud horn, 6 volt system... oh, working brakes either...  I use the truck for hauling brush, cars, car parts, etc... around the yard.  A bit of overkill when you realize I only have one and a half acres... but it was a cheap truck, only $450, and I will get the brakes fixed... just have to take them all apart and find out where the problem is.  The master cylinder had just been rebuilt when I bought it (they put the new one in the day I drove it home... brakes worked for the first 30 or 50 miles).  It does have a crack in the exhaust manifold and the radiator leaks a little as well.
Vehicle left here in trade 08-06-2011

1966 Mustang
1966 Mustang.  I helped the previous owner maintain this vehicle.  It saw a lot of miles and it shows.  When he got the car it had been wrecked and repaired with a salvage title.  The frame still has a slight wrinkle in it.  The last thing that happened to it before I got it was the engine was replaced.  We took out a bad 289 and put in a 351 Windsor.  A tight fit (very tight) but we got lucky and did not modify the vehicle to put the engine in.  We did put a larger radiator in though.  Currently it has High back bucket seats, a custom wood rear window shelf, and way too much rust/cancer.  Last asking price was $1000... but I paid $500.  All this car needs is money thrown at it and it will drive again!
-sold- for $400 which was the best offer I could get.

1966 GMC
1966 GMC truck.  Bought solely for parts (if I claimed I was going to fix it, I would be living in it!)  I say all these are fine examples of detroit steel.  Someday they will run again.  For some reason my wife finds that amusing.

1968 GMC 5500 Truck.  20,000 GVW from the factory (licensed at 24,000 GVW... go figure).  305E v6 engine, 2spd rear axle, 4spd transmission.  Engine currently not turning (its stuck).  No front bumper, electrical system will need work, bed is solid though.  This truck was abandoned about 80 miles south  of me.  The property owner had no luck getting ahold of the owner and asked me if I would handle it for him.  So I did.  Towed it all the way back with the '61 flatbed.  Ended up tearing the bumper off when we got into the yard (I am glad it held that long!)  Take a look at these pictures of it being towed, and the pictures of the bumper after we stopped:

Some folks called this an example of an ant hauling a candy bar...  I think they were referring to the fact that the towing truck weighs 5200 net (7500 GVW) and the towed truck weighs 7000 net (20000 GVW)

Kids! Do not try this at home! Aren't bumpers supposed to be off center? Don't trip on this side! OOPS?

I kept trying to convince my friends that this was a new style in truck bumpers.  They would not buy it.
In the back of the truck you can see an old, rusty 305 v6 engine I was using for weight on the rear tires.  I wanted all the traction I could get both for control and stopping ability.  It almost wasn't enough.
We did have a CB rigged between the two trucks and another one in the van that we had follow us.  We averaged 20 MPH and only had one or two small scares.  Worst one was the short time we were on the freeway, we were on the shoulder and the shoulder got a bit narrow... we ended up bouncing off the guardrail twice, but the alternative was to go into a line of 18-wheelers which had come up so I think we made the right choice.  Best choice would have been to have someone else do this!!!!!!!
Sold this truck for Parts at the end of July, 2011.

Cars not pictured directly:
1961 Chevrolet Corvair Wagon.  Mostly all there.  Just have to have time and money to finish it.
1964 Chevrolet Corvair Van.  All there, needs engine work (what Corvair doesn't?)
Other pictures on the  4-Sale Page Some of those can be seen in the above pictures.

1950 Farmall Cub Tractor.  I have started a page for it  Here
Sold the Farmall to make a house payment...

Background is of a 1961 Chevrolet 1/2 ton pickup cab (had been rolled), the 1963 Chrysler (after a semi drove over the front fender), the 1973 Datsun (showing the blue fender from the first accident - no brakes)

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